Photo Restoration, Airbrushing & Enhancement

Professional, sensitive photograph and image restoration, airbrushing, retouching and enhancement. A quick, efficient and affordable service providing the results you need and expect from a Dorset company covering all the UK. Restore your old photos - quick professional service

There are many reasons why you may need to restore a photograph or image, whether it is an old, faded treasure with blemishes, tears and discolouration or an important recent photo that has just turned out, well, 'disappointing'.

Whatever the reason and requirements we can provide an affordable, professional and very quick enhancement and repair service.

Kaptivate photo restoration can repair and improve old photos, remove items or people from pictures, airbrush to enhance an image, create montages or special occasion pictures for unique events and celebrations and add graphic design styling to create something really stunning and memorable.

If it is something we haven't mentioned? just ask - we are constantly providing new services for customers with unique needs and requests.

We can even turn your treasured images into personalised unique presentations for that extra special gift or occasion. See our page on personalised gifts for more details on this.

The really good news is that we are very affordable, offering sensible, fair prices and cheap packages and reductions for multiple items. Our Dorset based company is friendly and supportive and will guide you through all you need to know including how to scan your images for the best results.

See below for some examples of what our photo restoration services can do for you:

Old Photo Restoration & Enhancement

Restore sharpness and fade, improve contrast and tone and brighten image. The finished image can be toned to your required shade for example sepia or a warm exposure tone and can be shaped to suit with various borders. We can also hand colour old black and White images, ideal framed for a special, unique gift.

Before                                                    ...After    
Old photo restorationRepair old photos - Affordable quick results

Remove People & Items & Background Replacement

Removal of background, enhance and brighten image and insert alternative background. This example could then be framed as a photo to your desired size or even made into a poster and personalised with a message.

Before                                                                            ...After

Background and object removal to restore your photosImage enhancement - create stunning personalised gifts

Image Enhancement, Retouching & Airbrushing

Image enhanced to gently reflect natural beauty and assets.
The aim in this project is not to make drastic adjustments that look contrived and unnatural but to carefully refine each feature to give optimum results whilst retaining structure, proportions and features.
Enhance and airbrush your photos for amazing affordable results
«Roll over the image to the left to directly compare before and after and to see exactly what was changed.
The background could also be changed if required.
This type of image enhancement is ideal for those extra special photos such as wedding, prom, portrait, CV, personal portfolios...

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the amount of work involved but can start from as little as £10 for minor adjustment, retouching and repair. All projects will be priced very fairly according to the most effective technique and the time taken to create the best results. All customers will be given a full and agreed price before commencement of any work and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with how cheap and affordable our prices are when you see the quality and efficiency of our work compared to others providing similar services.

Call Kaptivate photo restoration now on 01202 574740 to discuss how we can help - or, if you prefer you can contact us by email.


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