Affordable Wedding Video Packages

Welcome to our Exclusive Wedding Video packages

********** FREE Wedding Website included with ALL packages **********

Each tailor made offer is carefully thought-out to fulfil the genuine needs of your special day.

We offer 4 designer packages with ‘all inclusive’ pricing structures so that expenditure can be accurately predicted and kept within budgets.

Enchant Wedding

Video package Only £489

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Enchant Wedding

Video package Only £699

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Enchant Wedding

Video package Only £999

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Enchant Wedding

Video package Only £1299

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So, what makes us different?

Unlike other companies we have tried very hard to include everything you would realistically need to capture your special event and retain an everlasting, first class account of your day.

We are a genuine, friendly, professional company based in Dorset but also covering other UK areas.

Having realised that almost all of our competitors add extra charges and additional costs to their so-called inclusive packages, we decided to offer four realistically complete, cost effective options. Don’t take my word for it either, check their details and you will undoubtedly find many of the following.

Mark Up's include:

Competitors – Charging up to £20 for each additional DVD you order beyond the first free original.

Kaptivate - Will provide you with 10 copies as part of any package. It’s your wedding after all and Family and Friends will want to see it across the country and beyond.

Competitors – Charging inflated extras for Wedding Website services, or indeed not offering this service at all.

Kaptivate - is a professional Multimedia company and provides services in Web Design, Graphics and Photography too. We offer you a FREE Wedding Website with each package. we will also host your exclusive Wedding Website. Additionally we will purchase your domain, register it, build and then host your Wedding Website inclusively within each package.

Competitors – Charge for still shots of your wedding incorporated into a photo sequence with music. Again another additional cost to you.

Kaptivate - Will build a special Kodak Photographic Montage CD of your still images underscored to your choice of music: all included in the package.

Competitors - Highlighted Sequences (selected scenes put together with music that capture the mood of the whole day in a matter of minutes) are an additional charge and sometimes very costly from between £200 to £300.

Kaptivate - will incorporate this into your DVD menu all within the package price.

Competitors – Charging for more than one camera, whether ‘hand operated’ or ‘locked off’.

Kaptivate - will use two cameras on all packages.

Competitors - Some companies charge for your DVD to be authored and split into menus e.g. the vows, the speeches, the first dance etc.

Kaptivate - Will author your DVD using Interactive Motion Menus of all special events captured throughout your wedding. Again, included in all packages.

We are based in Dorset but can cover other areas of the UK and can also offer you reduced rates for Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies services if you buy any of our Wedding Video Packages.

Finally, if there is something that you want that is not covered or listed within our offers, then talk to us and we will see what we can do to make it perfect for you.

Contact Kaptivate Wedding Video Services now - there is no obligation and if talking to us helps you decide on the right package (even if it's not ours) then you have nothing to lose...